Forex Striker

26 September, 2012 // by d5agger

Dear all,
I tested and tried Forex Striker, and I have a short list of Pro’s and Con’s for you – A more detailed Forex Striker review and Forex Striker Bonus will be here soon!

Great customer service, phone service if one has problems
it is incredibly easy to handle
boats awesome back test results

You won’t see results immediately, it is a long term investment, but stable and easy.

I will follow up with a more detailed Forex Striker Review within a couple of days, but see for yourself right here if you want to check out Forex Striker.

CHeers, talk to you soon!

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Background information about Forex Striker

17 September, 2012 // by d5agger

Forex will have three EAs available for the launch: Forex Striker (trades EURUSD and GBPUSD), Forex Striker Pro (trades EURUSD), and Forex Striker Extra (trades EURUSD), and one-on-one personalized customer support via live chats. Forex have spent 4 years developing these EAs (domain name was registered in 2008) thus it is legit and boasts incredible results on the backtests:

The results the bots show on the backtests with the default settings since 01.01.2005 until the present time are as follows:
- Forex Striker: +6564.77% for EURUSD and +40345.77% for GBPUSD
- Forex Striker Pro: +1009.99% for EURUSD
- Forex Striker Extra (since 01.01.2008 until the present time): +1126.56% for EURUSD

All backtests are attached in the archive below. I am also attaching a scan of Forex Striker’s patent. The patent verification link to the US Library of Congress. Click here to see the proof!

here is also the live forward test link of Forex Striker with FX Choice: $1,000 starting deposit

The three EAs act as a hedge for each other – when one takes a losing trade, chances are the other ones will take a profitable trade. They can be combined on one account – the more EAs used, the more trading profits can be expected

The team members, who created these, had to be professionally competent. This means their substantial experience in both programming and finance. Steve demanded from them previous employment experience in these areas or in a field combining both areas. A Master’s university degree from an accredited institution was also a must. The Forex Striker project is an ongoing effort in which they will be permanently involved over the many months and even years to come.


More information will follow, a biased review also! Get ready for a big launch!